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5 Things to Consider When Hiring Marketing Support

We find that many times when there is a need for additional services to keep a business moving, there is usually a decision between creating a brand-new position or using funds to outsource support. In line with our 5-year anniversary, we are taking a moment to discuss the pros of outsourcing your marketing services by […]

Vision Boards for Business

Tis the season…to complete your vision board! Now, we know what you are thinking. How can a board filled with random pictures and words be good for your business? Well, if this collage encompasses where you want to go and where you want your business to be, it can keep your goals and visions at […]

Building Blocks for Your Brand

Consistency is key! The “Rule of Seven” states that an individual needs to see or hear something a total of seven times before it becomes memorable. Viewed items could include elements associated with a brand such as images, symbols, colors, text, and more. All elements that help your brand be recognizable. Think about it…if you […]


Have you ever wondered how bloggers with the best content come up with those mouth watering topics? It’s the kind of information everyone wants to know and will search to get it! It’s the kind of content that starts to trend and helps generate traffic to their website, social media, and more. Don’t just sit […]

Stay Connected to the Community During the COVID19 Crisis

Have you checked your inbox lately? In the past week, inboxes have been inundated with multiple emails regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) and how companies and organizations are assuring their customers and constituents that they are here and available to them.  COVID-19 has turned the lives of many upside down. We have begun practicing social distancing, […]

The Missing Factor

We were asked a question recently and had to really think about the answer. What is the difference between a business and a non-profit? As we sat and pondered, others did as well, until someone spoke up. “Well, most non-profits are service oriented.” Another answered “You could have a service business such as massage therapy […]

When getting an “E” on your report card is a good thing!

Many civic organizations that focus on community services, rely on funding from other entities. How do you entice these parties to provide you with what you need for your organization? Whether it is funding, in-kind services or simply advocating to others on your behalf, organizations must work on engaging outside sources. That’s it! Entice and […]