Our Journey


New Beginnings

  • In the vibrant tapestry of Towson University, Glynis and Sheebah's paths united as members of a sorority. Their partnership blossomed, forging a bond rooted in shared goals and sisterhood.

Teamwork Works Best

  • Glynis and Sheebah had the opportunity to combine their expertise for a major project. This fusion sparked a dynamic partnership and the birth of a fresh, innovative idea.

Bekoz’s First Birthday

  • Following a year brimming with idea incubation and meticulous planning, an idea turned reality, formed through countless brainstorming sessions. Behold, Bekoz, pronounced be /koz/ was born—a phonetic embodiment of the word "cause," that would be the driving force for their work.

Recognition Well Deserved

  • The sheer dedication and commitment stand as a testament to the journey. A shining moment arrived as Maryland Small Business Development Center cast the spotlight on Bekoz, its leadership, and a promising future ahead.

To Backstage and Beyond

  • Backstage with Bekoz takes you on an exclusive journey into the heart of our efforts, amplifying local businesses and allowing others to uncover the magic behind the scenes through interviews and insights.

Cheers to Five Years

  • With the community's unwavering support, Bekoz embarks on its fifth year journey around the sun.