7 Tips for #GivingTuesday 2017

In 2016, nonprofits participating in #GivingTuesday garnered more than $177M in online donations, with an average donation of $107.69. Is your nonprofit getting in on #GivingTuesday? Use these 7 tips to guide your campaign planning and implementation.

  1. Get a squad: Appoint a dedicated point-person and team (depending on available resources), consult your board of directors, and secure any partner organizations you require (e.g., a corporate partner could help with matching #GivingTuesday donations). You want to have a good group behind your efforts.
  2. Get a virtual HQ: Give your campaign a landing page. This could be as a feature on your homepage, an additional webpage on your site, a microsite, or a campaign on a crowd-sourcing site like IndieGoGo or Go Fund Me. You want people to know exactly where to go to give.
  3. Get focused: Determine the target audience(s) and goal(s) of your campaign. You’ll need to match your tactics and messages with your audience in order to reach your goals.
  4. Get creative: Use tactics and appeals (e.g., prizes, gifts, donation matching, user-generated content, hashtags, etc.) that will resonate with your constituents. You’ll want to make a strong connection with people.
  5. Get a plan: Map out the time leading up to #GivingTuesday, including the activities on your channels, the campaign messages being promoted, the creative assets and materials being shared, any events being hosted, and any other marketing efforts you have in the mix.
  6. Get noticed: Brand your #GivingTuesday campaign: Give it a theme, tagline, and/or slogan. You want people to know that your organization is participating and to recognize your campaign (and to give…of course).
  7. Get talking early: Start communicating about your #GivingTuesday campaign early, at least one week out. You want people to be able to easily identify your ask/call to action and to be prepared (and motivated and excited) to give.