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Flexing on Flexibility

Flexing on Flexibility

It seems we never know what we are going to wake up to these days. The year 2020 was a whirlwind forcing us as business owners, family members, friends, and more to become flexible in ways we may have never imagined. Our original plans were crumpled up like a paper ball and then smoothed out in new creative ways that have us moving forward now, at whatever pace it may be. Even at the forefront of a New Year with promise in mind, we have seen how we must remain flexible. So, let’s just say it.

If your original plan isn’t in shambles by now, then you aren’t living your best life!

Quite frankly, if you have not adapted to the changes presented before us, or reevaluated your plan several times in the past year, you and your business could be in shambles. Adjustments are deemed necessary in this ever-changing environment. But, don’t fret.  If you are not living your best life, then we simply have some work to do.

Pivoting Your Plan

In a recent series of “Back Stage with Bekoz,” we encountered two businesses that have had to completely pivot the way they conducted business to meet the requirements that would continue to push their business goals in the right direction. Like many businesses, both Sankofa Yoga Center and GLOSS Sisterhood have had to shift their marketing plans and initiatives to meet the demand of a consistently changing society, and become familiar with video and online avenues that create engagement and interaction for their consumers and members. Even here at Bekoz, we have had to adjust to utilizing creative platforms for messaging and consider how to make our content for visual. We’ve brainstormed around developing more:

  • Catchy gifs
  • Video interviews and updates
  • Virtual events vs. in-person
  • Expanding reach through different platforms (e.g. Tic Tok)

Regardless of the shift, here are a few considerations as you work on sustaining and maximizing your new plan in the New Year. It’s time to reach out, even though you may be locked in.

  1. Strategize

No matter where you are in your planning process, if you don’t have a strategy, stop! Back up and create one. Need some support? Contact us! You may need to develop one from scratch or you may need to re-evaluate and re-define what you already have. Many times, we set goals for ourselves and our businesses that sit in the corner and collect dust. Well, dust it off and work your plan.

Take a moment to look at the goals you have set and see how they can be expanded. Be flexible! Make adjustments as needed. We have mentioned several times about the importance of making SMART Goals. A New Year equals new beginnings and a fresh start to what we may have been, old dreams. Ask yourself – “What didn’t work in the past, and why”? Then make the necessary adjustments to achieve your planned outcome.

2. Identify Your Target Market

First things first, establish a user persona so you can entice and engage.
Results will not come if you just throw money at the wall and hope someone sees what you are putting out there. User personas are a character you can create that resemble different groups of people who may use or purchase your services and products in a similar way. Developing these descriptions will help familiarize yourself with who you are trying to reach and the best ways to reach them.

3. Take Action!

The scene is set! You have goals in place and you’re reaching the people. It’s time to create, package and distribute! Time to pull out those Branding Guidelines and put them to use. Take what you have created for the look and feel of your company and dive in.

  • Looking at increasing your social media reach? Develop a social media content calendar to structure and organize posts.
  • Looking to increase your lead generation? Create campaigns that will gain the attention of your target market and provide ways for you to interact with them often.

4. Evaluate

Take a moment to review your SMART Goals and make notes along the way. Look at items such as reach, general engagement and other measurable activities. See what benchmark adjustments should be made to accomplish your goals and make modifications where needed.

This is where you get into a repetitious cycle that may seem a bit tedious but will benefit you in the long run. We promise. It goes something like this.

  1. Strategize
  2. Take Action
  3. Evaluate
  4. Repeat.

Remember, things change so you have to remain flexible in order to adapt to the customer’s needs and wants. In this way you have the ability to maximize and sustain your new plan.

In future post, we will be sure to address how to start or revamp your strategy, define your target market, build campaigns and more. So be sure to sign up for notifications so you will get the latest information on this year’s focus; Building Your Marketing Foundation with everything you need to get started on the right track.