Change Starts with You – Stand Up!

Looking to make a difference but not quite sure where to start? Our passions draw us to certain causes and sometimes we are compelled to act as a result of a strong feeling to particular activities. Maybe it is something in the past that pushes us to move in a certain direction or area. Maybe it is something we witness that pulls out inner thoughts and emotions. Could it be, that we just want to give back in some way? Regardless of what it may be, nothing happens by remaining silent and sitting on the sidelines. For change to occur, you must stand up and show up.

Although we are eager to act, there are times when we may not know how to get involved or who to contact. Here are some key points to consider when starting your activism or volunteer journey.


Become educated about the topic. Start by seeking out content regarding the cause, by using keywords that are associated with the topic. Google is your friend, the internet is full of information that is at the tips of our fingers. One word can open a door to an overflow of resources. Spend time researching the topic you have an interest in and desire to learn more about. While the internet is a great source for information, you may need to verify its validity by identifying additional resources, people and organizations.

Reach Out:

After the research is done and you feel comfortable with your knowledge base of the cause you want to get involved in, reach out. Recently, many who had an interest in coming together on behalf of racial injustice, participated in protests to seek answers and incite change. Flyers circulated, word of mouth spread, and social media was a critical communication channel to mobilize meetings. Consider a different kind of cause (koz), how about those who felt compelled to work on behalf of businesses after they were forced to shut down during a global pandemic. Many came together to provide support to these businesses in various ways. They worked to ensure that although there may be a struggle, our economy could thrive again once the nation moved forward. Some business owners connected through social media groups and helped connect those who had the same interest. Others, have facilitated discussions and supported interest by conducting webcasts or lively chats via podcasts. Regardless of where you may get your information, there is an avenue to connect with others to help further your cause and get involved.

Stand Up:

Make a move! You’re armed with information and you’ve made connections. Everything is in place for you to make a move and get involved. Show up and be relevant. Your voice and actions could bring about the momentum needed to implement change. 

These are three simple steps to get you going. Do your research, make some connections and Reach Out, then do your part and Stand Up! Change can happen today starting with us. #StandUp #SpeakOut. The Bekôz team is dedicated to social improvement and we hope you will join us, Bekôz your voice matters and you can make the difference.